MISNC 2022 Accepted Papers

The following papers have been accepted to present in MISNC 2022

1 Nai-Wen Chang, Hsin-Mei Lin and Yu-Chuan Huang The relationship between service climate and transformational leadership role in influencing personality traits and organizational performance— A case study of caregivers receiving infant massage training
2 Ying-Feng Kuo, Tso-Hao Shen and Jia-Ze Liao The inaction inertia effect of different sellers on the same online shopping platform
4 Kazunori Minetaki Life Satisfaction and Telework during COVID-19 Pandemic in Japan
6 Ting-Hsuan Chang, Sheng-Min Chiu, Yi-Chung Chen and Chiang Lee Using spatial, temporal, and external factors to enhance prediction of shared-transport users
7 I-Hsien Ting, Chia-Chun Kang, Shu-Chen Yang and Chia Sung Yen A System Architecture for Achieving Proactive and Reactive Social Media Marketing
8 Chian-Hsueng Chao, I-Hsien Ting, Yi-Jun Tseng, Bing-Wen Wang, Shin-Hua Wang and Yu-Qing Wang The Study of DeFi in Virtual Community and Financial Supervision
9 Wei-Ying Leu The Influence of Social Media lnteraction on Creativity-Taking the Special Project Course of the Department of Visual Communication Design as an Example
10 Yasushi Ueki, Masatsugu Tsuji, Nuchjarin Intalar and Somrote Komolavanij Effects of customer’s ICT investment and quality control activities on data sharing and usage along production networks in Southeast Asia
11 Taisuke Matsuzaki, Hidenori Shigeno, Masatsugu Tsuji, Teruyuki Bunno and Hiroki Idota Relationship between Innovation and Corporate Performance in Japanese SMEs by Two-stage Panel Data Analysis: Focusing on the Joint Effect of ICT and R&D
12 Amer Rasheed and Uffe Kock Wiil Analysis and Visualization Features in PEVNET
13 Yu Cui, Hiroki Idota and Masaharu Ota Reforming Supply Chain Systems in Metaverse
14 Hiroshi Koga On the Logic of Inducing Organizational Citizenship Behavior by ICT
15 Hiroshi Koga Challenges in Using Learning History Data from the Perspective of a Community of Practice A Comparison with Online Practice of Noh and Tea Ceremony
16 Sachiko Yanagihara and Hiroshi Koga The Impact of Information Systems for Managing Working Hours on the Autonomy of Telecommuters in Japan
17 Chian-Hsueng Chao, I-Hsien Ting, Yi-Jun Tseng, Bing-Wen Wang, Shin-Hua Wang and Yu-Qing Wang The Study of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in Social Network
18 Tzung-Pei Hong, Wei-Teng Hung, Wei-Ming Huang and Yu-Chuan Tsai Incremental High Fuzzy Utility Itemset Mining


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