Online Registration System:

At least one registration per paper is mandatory. Each paid registration covers one person’s attendance at the conference that includes: Conference materials, tea/coffee and lunch, and the welcome dinner.

Local-Academic 7500 NTD (Approx. 250 USD)
(Who located in Taiwan, required to present on site and physically. registration fee including conference materials, coffee break, lunch, conference banquet, free city tour…etc)

Overseas Academic 6000 NTD (Approx. 200 USD)
(Who unable to attend the conference physically will present online. registration fee including publication and conference materials.)

Additional submission 3000 NTD (Approx. 100 USD)
(If authors submit 2nd or 3rd paper to APCIM/IEMT/MISNC 2020 conference. The fee for additional papers. Maximum 3 papers)

Student registration Local:3750 NTD (Approx. 125 USD) Overseas:1500 NTD (Approx. 50 USD)
(Student registration only for the paper that already paid for at least one full registration or the student only attend the conference. Each paper needs at least one full non-student registration)
Please contact if you want to register for student rate: