Best papers of APCIM/MISNC/IEMT 2020

Congratulations! Best papers of APCIM/MISNC/IEMT 2020 Joint International Conferences

Best paper of APCIM 2020
Hiroshi Sasaki, Scott Davis and Shuichi Suzuki
Visualization of Bi-directional Paths between Corporate Social Performance and Corporate Financial Performance of All Listed Companies in Japan

Best paper of MISNC 2020
Tadao Obana, Miha Takubo, Yohko Orito, Kiyoshi Murata, Hidenobu Sai and Tadayuki Okamoto
How Do Students and Researchers Behave and Feel While Playing the “Online Attention Game”?

Best paper of IEMT 2020
Hisakazu Kato
Low Fertility in Taiwan – Analysis using Bayesian VAR approach