TAAI 2019 will be held at Garden Villa Hotel(蓮潭會館), Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Address: No. 801, Chongde Rd., Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Traffic Information

《By Car》
▶︎ Freeway No.1 & Freeway No.3
Take the ramp to Freeway No.10, Dingjin interchange ➜ Take the exit to Zhonghua Rd. interchange ➜ Cueihua Rd. ➜ Turn left to Chongde Rd.

▶︎ Downtown Kaohsiung:
1. Northbound : Boai 3rd Rd. ➜ Turn left onto Chongde Rd.
2. Southbound : Provincial Highway No.1 Mingzu 1st Rd. ➜ Turn right onto Dajhong 2nd Rd. ➜ Turn left onto Boai 3rd Rd. ➜ Turn right onto Chongde Rd.

▶︎ Parking Option
1. In Garden Villa

2. In Lianchihtan Scenic Area

《Taiwan High Speed Rail or Taiwan Railway》
▶︎Take Exit No.4, walk along Gaotie Rd. and cross the Indigenous Plant Garden.
Walk for about 15 minutes.

▶︎Shuttle bus
    ➜ Take No.301 bus to the civil service development institute.
    ➜ Take MRT red line to the Ecological district station, and take red 51 line bus to Garden Villa Kaohsiung.


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