Special Session

Call for Special Sessions

         Special session organizers can submit their proposals to program chairs or invited session chairs. Each proposal should include special session name, organizers, and mails. Either international or domestic special sessions are welcome. Please indicate which track a proposed special session belongs to.

Approved Special Sessions

International SS1 – Pattern-Driven Analytics and Mining
Organizers: Chun-Hao Chen (陳俊豪), Jerry Chun-Wei Lin (林浚瑋), Kawuu W. Lin (林威成)

International SS2 – Theory and Applications of Evolutionary Algorithms
Organizers: Chuan-Kang Ting (丁川康), Ying-Ping Chen (陳穎平), Tsung-Che Chiang (蔣宗哲)

International SS3 – Intelligent Systems to Support Human Society
Organizers: Yasufumi Takama, Eri Sato-Shimokawara, Yihsin Ho

• International SS4:  Shikakeology
Organizer: Naohiro Matsumura

• International SS5 – Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering
Organizers: I-Fang Chung (鍾翊方), Li-Wei Ko (柯立偉)

• Domestic SS1 – 人工智慧於量化交易之技術與應用
Organizer: Mu-En Wu (吳牧恩)

• Domestic SS2 – Applications of Intelligent Computing (I)
Organizers: Yi-Jen Su (蘇怡仁), Wu-Chih Hu (胡武誌)

• Domestic SS3 – Applications of Intelligent Computing (II)
Organizers: Hsin-Te Wu (吳信德), Wu-Chih Hu (胡武誌)

• Domestic SS4 – Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering
Organizers: I-Fang Chung (鍾翊方), Li-Wei Ko  (柯立偉)

• Domestic SS5 – Robotics and Intelligent Control (機器人與智能控制)
Organizers: Chun-Chi Lai (賴俊吉), Kuo-Hsien Hsia  (夏郭賢)

• Domestic SS6 – AI in Social Network Applications and Analysis
Organizers: Min-Yuh Day (戴敏育), Li- Chen Cheng  (鄭麗珍)

• Domestic SS7 – Engineering Applications of AI
Organizer: Nai-Hsiang Sun (孫迺翔)

• Domestic SS8 – Artificial Intelligence Talent Cultivation
Organizers: Yi-Shin Chen (陳宜欣), Chih-Hung Wu (吳志宏), Yih-Lon Lin (林義隆), Chih-Hung Chang (張志鴻)

• Domestic SS9 – Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Soft-Computing
Organizers: Shing-Tai Pan (潘欣泰), Chih-Chin Lai (賴智錦), Chen-Sen Ouyang (歐陽振森)

• Domestic SS10 – AI與法律
Organizers: Li-Ching Chang (張麗卿), Chung-Jau Wu (吳從周), Yueh-Tuan Chen (陳月端), Kuo-Lien Hsieh (謝國廉), Chi-Hsuan Wang (王紀軒), Hung-Ju Chen (陳弘儒)

• Domestic SS11 – 資訊應用與教育科技
Organizer: Yuh-Ming Cheng (程毓明)